Our Brewing Process

The secret to the great taste brewed into every single drop of Barbican is our 3 stage brewing process - mashing, lautering and wort boiling.

Sounds painful, right?

Well, at Barbican, we’re firm believers of “no pain, no gain”, and in this case the pain we went through to develop our incredibly rigorous production standards mean you gain by getting the freshest, crispest brew, every time!

For you science geeks out there, here’s a little run down of what we do to ensure only the very best liquid makes it out of our factory.

  • Mashing: During mashing, the coarsely ground barley malt is subjected to hydration with water at different temperature-time regimes, which helps in a slow breakdown of starch molecules into simple carbohydrates, bringing in the balanced combination of carbohydrates and proteins.
  • Lautering: During lautering, all the soluble solids from the barley malt are carefully extracted avoiding harsh and astringent components from the barley malt husk. What’s left is something “called” wort.
  • Wort boiling: The extracted wort is boiled along with hop flower (commonly called hops) which adds the typical hoppy aroma and bitter taste to the malt extract. And also during boiling the malt extract is stabilized and sterilised.

Quality Ingredients

Our brewing process only works so well because we select only the finest ingredients to brew with. We never compromise on quality. And neither should you!

The Result

Great ingredients and an industry leading brewing process. What did you expect? A distinctive Barbican taste. Crisp, clean and incredibly refreshing.

When you got a Bro sized thirst on, there’s nothing better!